November 2016

Two investment funds participating in Horus View and Explore: GROEIfonds B.V. and NOM N.V.

In recent years Horus View and Explore has been busy with the development of hardware and software for the mobile mapping market. Our customer base grew considerably. Started with clients based in the Netherlands we see strong international growth in the last few years.


To sustain this growth in the international market both the GROEIfonds ( Groningen Economic Board) and the NOM (Investment and development Agency for the North of the Netherlands) decided to invest in our company. Thanks to this participation Horus View and Explore is able to realize its growth ambition in the coming years.


The expertise, quality and support of Horus is highly valued by our clients and we will maintain these strong characteristics as it is the core value of Horus, for the domestic as well als the international market.


Below a few online articles about our Company and CEO, Rene Bolhuis.