Capture street level imagery like never before

The Horus Framework upgrades your MX system to the next level

Mobile mapping 2021 needs intelligent solutions

The mobile mapping is asking for more intelligent and better ways of capturing in-depth street level imagery. Needed functionality like real-time stitching, automated object recognition and virtual 3D meshes became the new standard. 

This requires powerful GPU’s to stitch high resolution imagery, trained AI algorithms and sometimes 5G connections to stream the data. The good news is hardware and software components are improving and becoming more powerful to support these kinds of video based situational awareness applications. 

But the challenge remains the same. Combining and fusing cutting edge technology is still complicated and requires a lot of R&D efforts. And therefore you need the Horus Framework.

The Horus Framework is the R&D accelerator

The Horus Framework is the powerful software platform to stitch, render and fuse sensor data and build solutions like never seen before.  No long lasting R&D projects but drag & drop the needed pipeline, connect the hardware components with the Horus Framework.

Upgrading the Trimble MX family with the Horus Framework

Together with Trimble we will boost MX7, MX9 and MX50 sales in the mobile mapping market. With the Horus Framework we will make the system smarter, flexible and more versatile within a very short time to market.

We will start with the High Resolution [HR] extention to boost the image quality of the MX family. By adding high resolution imagery you are able to capture high-end street level imagery for road inspection and asset mapping applications. For example functionality like automated feature extraction, scanning POI’s and creating virtual 3D mesh surroundings.

Horus MX Extension

The ultimate aftermarket HR upgrade for your MX system

The Horus HR extension is perfect to upgrade your MX system by capturing high resolution imagery. It doesn’t matter if your system is brand new or being used already. It will fit & work in just minutes.

1. Easy set up 

- The set up will fit existing MX roof racks and can be mounted in just minutes.

- The HR extension is connected with just one cable to the MX system.

2. Very basic hardware configuration

The Horus HR basic set up includes the:

- the Horus trigger cable

- Multi box (power, trigger & OS)

- The 3 camera mount

- The 3 camera’s

- Control pad to start up the system

3. Easy to operate

- If you start the Trimble capturing workflow the HR extension will start also automatically

Create reality 3D mesh surroundings

The Horus HR extension provides content to build your own digital twins of cities. Adding the captured High Resolution imagery content to the context capturing software like Bentley ContextCapture, will result into a 3D reality mesh.

Each digital asset can be automatically recognized and/or geospatially referenced, providing you with an intuitive and immersive way to navigate and query your asset information.

Reality meshes have several use cases and are being used in engineering & maintenance industries to provide precise real-world digital context for design, construction and operations decisions.

Scanning POI's like shop windows and utility signs

Shop names, utility signs and other types of points of interest [POI] can be easily captured and detected with the Horus HR extension.

The captured HR imagery creates crystal clear imagery of the surrounding and can be used to capture, detect and analyze the condition of the POI.

Automatic feature extraction of street level imagery 

The results of automatic feature extraction of street level imagery has reached levels of maturity and this led to unlimited possibilities and applications.

With the Horus HR extension you will be able to benefit from this opportunity immediately.

The unique combination of the HR imagery and AI, enables you to upgrade your current MX set up to a full automated feature extraction solution!

This data stream is of course fully integrated in the Trimble processing work flows.

Please contact your local Trimble dealer for further technical information, data sheets, demo data or pricing information.

Reality 3D mesh

This 3D mesh was created only by importing the Horus HR imagery within Bentley ContextCapture software.

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