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Adding more business value to your Leica TRK

Maximize the value of your system with thermal and Ladybug6 cameras!

High resolution panorama
Thermal Infrared
// Horus Leica TRK Extension

Extend your system with high quality imagery

High resolution 72 MP high quality panoramic image

To improve communication about locations

  • For street viewing applications
  • Asset inventory GIS mapping
  • Infrastructure assessment
  • 3D visualizations/mesh
  • Construction photo documentation
Thermal Infrared

To measure what isn’t visible

  • Retrofit buildings, CO2 reduction
  • Leakage tunnels
  • Heatstress Cities
  • Failing assets to perform predictive & preventive maintenance
// Our Story

History of Integration

Horus, a pioneer in mobile mapping in the Netherlands, developed their advanced mobile mapping systems over 12 years ago. We designed our underlying Horison Framework software to be flexible, compatible with various components, and ready for future changes.

We are well-prepared to handle projects that require the latest technologies. In the Netherlands, we’ve successfully provided complete mobile mapping systems with high-quality cameras to many construction, infrastructure, and utility companies.

Based on market requests of survey grade system users we launched in 2020 the Trimble MX Extension. Recently Leica  asked us to investigate how to upgrade their systems by adding High-Resolution and Thermal Infrared features. The Horus TRK Extension is not an out of the box product yet, but we love to get in touch with Leica TRK users that want to get more value out of their system. Based on their request and use case, we will design the mounting to create the needed setup. 

Looking to future-proof your system with next-gen sensors?

Extend your system with high-definition and thermal infrared cameras

// Answers to your questions


How many cameras can the TRK Extension support?

The TRK Extension supports datacapturing of 4 thermal infrared cameras and/or 1 Ladybug6. Contact us today to discuss your application and find the perfect configuration for you.

Can I use the Ladybug6 camera to colorize the pointcloud?

The Ladybug6 camera must be mounted separately from the TRK system, the existing panoramic camera cannot be removed (without warranty issues). 

Besides this a better 360 cameras wouldnt improve the pointcloud colorization. The main reason why people would like to use the Ladybug6 is because they can extract more meaningfull and detailed information from the imagery (e.g. with AI). 

With lever arms settings the high quality position of the Leica system can be attached to the imagery.