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About us

Our drive is to create visionary imagery solutions to make the world a better & safer place to live & work.  Make sense,  both now and in the future.

Jim Cannon – CEO FLIR

Horus made automatic emergency braking enabled by thermal cameras, available in 15 minutes of instead of 3 months of development! “


Since 2011 Horus view and explore is an independent software development company. Our DNA is advancing technologies & pushing boundaries to create visionary imagery solutions & actionable insights to make the world a better & safer place to live & work.  Make sense,  both now and in the future.


We believe intelligent imagery data is the best toolset to get actionable & visionary insights. Visionary insights to think the past, perceive what is now and foresee the future. Therefore, we developed the disruptive Horison Framework, a framework to build visionary imagery solutions at lightning speed. Build practical visionary imagery solutions yourself, in co-creation with us or let us do it for you. And start immediately making the world a better & safer place.


We serve many clients in the mobile mapping and the safety & security industry. Visionary imagery is the key element for us the create a situational awareness of the remote location or the basic layer for automated feature extraction. Imagery needs to be enriched with other types of sensor data to get an in-depth insight or even better actionable data.

Protecting wildlife and catching rhino poachers in the Kruger park, Re-uniting patients with their families at home, Coastal defense projects to protect the Dutch hinterland against the climate change, Creating safer roads by automated braking systems or Detecting dangerous road damages, solutions all made possible with the Horus Framework! We enable to grab, transform, store, share visionary insights on any occasion & location. No matter what type of sensor or platform you are using the HORISON Framework will make it work!


From our HQ based in Groningen in The Netherland we work for clients in every all over the world. The Horus turn key mobile mapping solutions are being used on 4 continents capturing street level imagery. And the Horus software solutions including the Horus Framework are being used by companies like NVIDIA, Trimble, Leica and Teledyne FLIR.


The Horus DNA is advancing technologies and pushing boundaries. We don’t take no as an answer.
This results in award winning solutions like VRiend, a VR livestreaming device, connecting patients inside a hospital to the outside world. VRiend won the prestigious 5G innovation awards 2019 – and declared as the most promising 5G innovation in the Netherlands. VRiend was also the runner up in the well-known Prix Galien Med-tech awards. We are ranked in the Top 100 most innovative companies in the Netherland in 2018 en 2019.

Framework description in detail

Contact us if you are interested in what the Horus Framework could do for you. We are happy to schedule a call or even to set up a real-time demo!