The Horus Framework allows you to develop intelligent sensor solutions yourself in a fraction of time. 

Mobile Mapping

Based upon our powerful Horus Framework we developed turn key automated asset management & predictive maintenance solutions for the mobile mapping industry.

Safety & Security

Our Horus Framework helps cities to achieve public safety goals and by offering various end-to-end solutions such as real-time monitoring, real-time analytics and improved decision making.

Remote monitoring

A social VR toolkit to reconnect patients with health care professionals or relatives outside the hospital in real time in VR. The Horus Framework delivers the infrastructure to make this happen.

Horus Framework

Build, modify and deploy your own multi sensor system in just a few hours. Using easy dynamic configuring instead of  complex static programming. Utilise and control with simple GUI.

Tired of spending too much time on sensor integration? Use Horus Inside!

Design, Drag, Drop and Deploy your own application in minutes!
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