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Situational awareness 

When you need to make critical decisions continually with business and lives on the line. You need to have real-time understanding of the remote environment to create intelligent, safe and more cost-effective collaborative workplaces.

Horus visionary imagery solutions including the HORISON Framework are being used in the mobile mapping industry and for public safety purposes all over the world. 

Visionary imagery is key

We believe intelligent imagery data is the best toolset to get actionable & visionary insights. Visionary insights to think the past, perceive what is now and foresee the future. 

But capturing imagery is just the beginning in video based situational awareness applications. Converting imagery into actionable data for automated feature extraction or making predictions is the end game!  

Therefore you need a combination of cutting edge technologies and sensor data. Reliable hardware components to capture thermal, high-resolution imagery, LiDAR point clouds and accurate GPS positioning are required.

On top of this you need software components like trained AI models, web viewers and powerful stitching software to get the needed actionable data.


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HORISON Framework – the core to build visionary imagery solutions

Combining cutting edge technologies, fusing sensors and adding AI will normally result in long and costly R&D cycles. This is where the disruptive Horus HORISON framework comes in place.

HORISON is the framework architecture, where you can build your own situational awareness application in just a fraction of time. Drag and drop your own pipeline, adding sensors on the fly and use AI models which are part of the framework library. Functionality like real time stitching, streaming, encoding & decoding, synchronization, encryption on any OS are the basics and allowing you to design, develop, test and deploy your application in one go like never before!

Mobile Mapping

Video based street level imagery solutions

Gathering intelligent street level imagery
The mobile mapping industry is asking for more intelligent solutions and better ways of capturing in-depth street level imagery. Needed functionality like real-time stitching, automated object recognition and virtual 3D meshes became the new standard.

Situational Awareness

Video based monitoring in real time

Horus offers a variety of systems and solutions for organizations whose main responsibility is the safety and security of people and properties. Real time video based monitoring has proven to be of great value in preventing and handling incidents & accidents under a wide variety of circumstances.

Horus Framework

Drag & drop fusing platform

The Horus Framework is the disruptive sensor fusing platform to accelerate your R&D processes. Design, drag and drop your own video based situational awareness application like never before!

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The last 10 years we gathered and developed a great deal of know-how on capturing street level imagery. Knowledge we use to keep our video based Mobile Mapping solutions at the highest level.
We would like to bring you also up the speed with the latest trends in the mobile mapping industry.


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