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Streamline your anonymization process
for Mobile Mapping applications


On premises software to convert & anonymize street-level imagery in one go

Anonymization challenge for the Mobile Mapping Industry

Privacy regulations requires that personally identifiable information is anonymized when processing street-level imagery data. While the mobile mapping market has some unique needs, it also has a couple of challenges. For example uploading huge amounts of imagery data cost a lot of time, cloud storage costs are high, and some countries banned that imagery data is being stored outside national borders.

Bottom line, being compliant with privacy regulations, like GDPR, LGPD, PDPB & CCPA can be still a time-consuming, and costly process.

HORISON disrupts anonymization workflows

Horus & Celantur disrupted the process of anonymization, and tailored this for the mobile mapping industry needs! HORISON blurring delivers a fast, and cost-effective process to anonymize street-level imagery data including an on-premise workflow to process and anonymize street-level imagery data on the fly.


Simply select the folder with your (*.PGR, *. JPEG or *.HORUS)  imagery, decide to blur people and vehicles fully or partially, and select the desired output format. HORISON Blurring will take care of the data preparation & blurring in just one go.

  • Automatically blur faces, bodies, license plates on panoramas & planar imagery
  • On premise, for fast and secure post-processing (batch processing, no upload to third parties, …)
  • Transform *.JPEG, *,PGR and *.HRS imagery 
  • Export and share in current workflows (CubeMap, MultiRes, …)

Contact us and learn what HORISON blurring can do for you.