The Horus Starter Kit

Your first step towards Mobile Mapping.

The Horus Starter Kit includes:

  • Horus Layer Manager software
  • Horus Movie Maker software
  • Horus Movie Player software

See below why the Horus Starter Kit is your perfect first step towards Mobile Mapping and how it works! Geotagging with 360 degrees action cameras like GoPro Fusion, GoPro Max or Garmin VIRB: possible with Horus software. Remember: GPS quality of these consumer cameras might be poor in cities. If you need a stable / professional system: have a look at the Horus Citymapper product. 

Convert GoPro Fusion

Watch this video to see which settings you need to use to maximise your Mobile Mapping performance.

Important step: check if your GoPro MP4 contains GPS data? Check this website: GoPro Telemetry checker

Convert GoPro Max

1) Download and install GoProMax Exporter software 

2) Start the GoProMax exporter software

3) Select destination directory

4) Use only the following options (disable the others): h.264, 4k, Horizon Level

4) Select the files on your GoProMax SD card, DCIM folder and select a *.360 file

5) Convert this recording to a new MP4 file.

6) Open Horus Movie Maker software (v. 1.2.348 or higher)

7) File, Import Data, Video with Metadata

8) Type: GoPro

9) Video: select the MP4 file that you have created

10) Metadata: select the *.360 of the original file (in DCIM folder)

11) In case you captured Panoramic (360) video, select Equirectangular

12) Press Export

13) Now, next to the MP4 file, a new directory will be created in the Horus format. GPS and Video will be merged and this format is ready for use with the Horus software. 

Happy mobile mapping!

Important step: check if your GoPro MP4 contains GPS data? Check this website: GoPro Telemetry checker

Prepare your initial setup

Once you have captured your first data with these action cams, and you want to geotag with the Layermanager, you need to configure the camera setup. This configuration describes what the height and roll, pitch and yaw is of the camera. Remember that you will save time if you keep the camera always at the same position of the car. Please use the following steps to make this setup file. 

1) Open the recording file with the Horus Movie Player

2) Turn the button 'Show alignment axis' on

3) Goto the button with Settings (Gear Wheel)

4) Adjust the settings like 'Camera height' in meters 

5) Adjust the roll, pitch yaw parameters, the redline in the screen should be equal to the horizon. 

6) Measure objects on the flat ground with a known size to check if the settings are fine, adjust the parameters in the Settings sliders till it is correct.

8) Use the layermanager functinality to draw a line geometry (e.g. of a curbstone with a know length) and turn on the label of this line, that shows 'Length'

9) Check on the map if the field of view is pointing at the right direction. If not, adjust the yaw settings (maybe 180 degrees)

10) Once it is fine, goto menu, File, Save View (*.hsf) and name it 'setup.hsf'. Store/copy this file in each recording folder with the same camera setup.

Geotagging imagery data

Watch this video to see an example of the Horus Movie Player and Layermanager and become familiar with the interface.

Convert Garmin Virb 360

Make it ready for geo-tagging.

Ready to do it yourself?

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