Horus Web Player

The Horus Web Player is a web server application to publish your streetlevel imagery on the internet. Organize your recordings and share these recordings with project members in or outside your organization. The Horus Web Player has a build-in security store, controlling access to your recordings though account-based access.

The Horus Web Player is available as on-premise software and can be installed in your public cloud.

  • Copy the data to the server, authorize your clients or project team members and share your knowledge of the actual situation.
  • Make single click measurements or multiple click (XYZ).
  • Create snapshots
  • An administrator can add vector GIS data (WFS-T and ArcGIS service) as an editable service to edit or enter GIS data on top of the imagery.
  • Easy upload unlimited streetlevel imagery;
  • Based on annual license fee, not user limited;
  • Add WMS data to the map
  • Add WFS-T and ArcGIS service as an editable vector layer
  • Customize to your own style
  • Publish PGR, *.hrs, JPEG equirectangular files
  • Extract imagery travel path to serve and hyperlink in your own GIS application.

Server requirements:

  • 1x server with Windows 2019 server (English)
  • Intel core i7
  • Nvidia 1080 videokaart 
  • at least 16Gb memory
  • runs on webserver: NGINX
  • 1x Teamviewer installed on server
  • 1x solid internet connection to server
  • administrator rights/access to server.

For customization of the player:

  • Company Logo in vector format  .eps,  .pdf  of .svg
  • Color scheme of company logo
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