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Valuable GIS right off the bat

GeoSuite, the powerful Mobile Mapping software solution
GeoSuite supports the whole process from capturing imagery, preparing, extracting features and sharing & publishing georeferenced data. Even when you have your own street-level imagery, GeoSuite is your solution.

GeoSuite key functionalities:

  • allow even non-geo-specialists to quickly annotate street level imagery.
  • import and export GIS standards like SPATIALITE, *.SHP
  • supports common imagery formats like *.PGR, *.JPEG and *.Horus format.

Mapping companies from all over the world are using GeoSuite since 2011.

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GeoSuite: capture, prepare street level imagery into maps

GeoSuite includes all the needed functionality to capture, (post) process and share your georeferenced imagery based actionable data.


Capture street level imagery

Trimble MX9 with Horus MX Extension

The Movie Recorder is the basic toolset to capture and collect sensor data out of your mobile mapping system.

The Recorder captures and synchronizes the several camera streams, GNSS data and other input streams simultaneously.

Movie Recorder functionalities

  • supports all kinds of cameras and GNSS/GPS systems, there is no need to invest in new hardware or easy to switch to new hardware.
  • has several QA/QC tools built in to analyze the data to find possible hardware issues
  • has a user friendly configurable GUI for the operator, to support a secure and efficient recording process (preview cameras, satellite info, offline maps, jobs to do/done via vector data)

Preparing your own imagery data

Trimble MX9 with Horus MX Extension

In case having your own street level imagery available, you can prepare this imagery data with GeoSuite for further processing.

GeoSuite functionalities

  • enables to import and assign positioning files. Even directly on top of your PGR or JPEG data!
  • updates your imagery data with the postprocessed GNSS trajectories. We made it easy for you to process this in batch mode.
  • exports data to all kinds of image formats or imagery re-projections for further usage in other software tools. (including equirectangular panos, orthophotos, cube maps, multi-res … etc).

Feature extraction & annotation

Do inspection or inventory tasks safer and faster from the office, and add quality and knowledge sharing. 

Key functionalities in feature extraction & annotation

  • Overlay existing GIS on top of your street level imagery and detect anomalies quickly;
  • ability to integrate several camera streams into one spherical view
  • Powerful geotagging & industry standards like SPATIALITE, *.dwg and *.shp are supported;
  • Add or update geometries and attribute data.

The output of your inspection or inventory is part of a real digital transformation: create GIS data to support asset management task better and more precise.

    Publish & share your GIS data

    After the extraction process you can share & organize your data with the GeoSuite WebPlayer.  

    GeoSuite key functionalities in feature extraction & annotation

    • Share you street level imagery data simply via a web browser, to improve communication about locations.
    • This software runs on premise, close to your data.

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