Worldwide chip shortage an issue? Not for the Horus Framework!

Nowadays, millions of consumer products rely on computer chips. And right now, there aren’t enough chips to meet the enormous industry demand. As a result, many popular products are in short supply. If you want to buy a PS5 console – not this Christmas! Smartphone makers like Apple warned that the shortage could affect iPhone sales in the near future.

Not only the FMCG industry but also the automotive industry has a problem in getting the right chips. Toyota, Ford and Volvo have had to either slow or temporarily halt production at their factories. And Tesla decided to revise its own software to support alternative chips to maintain its production levels.

Horus Framework the visionary imagery development platform

Horus and especially our customers also have to deal with this worldwide chips shortage. The intelligent video analytics solutions [IVA] they are using are full of different types of sensors & hardware. Luckily enough Horus decided to built an agnostic hardware fusing platform as the core for IVA solutions years ago. This foresight to build an agnostic development platform makes us and our clients less vulnerable if a particular supplier runs out of stock and we or you need to swap hardware.

Swapping out of stock hardware

For example, most of the IVA solutions we support is the camera sensor a very important part of the system. But nowadays even the biggest manufacturers of machine vision cameras in the world are very limited in stock or will run out of stock in the upcoming months.

The good news we have the flexibility to use whatever type of camera is available. The Horus Framework library, full of camera grabbers, supports many of the most common machine vision cameras.

Platform & CPU Independent

If you claim to be hardware agnostic you must also be platform independent. So the Horus Framework can run on most common operating systems like Linux or Windows. And of course the Horus Framework supports several CPU architectures like AMD, Intel and the ARM processors.

Horus Framework is the answer

Whatever visionary imagery system you are using now, or big idea you have in mind, think about the Horus Framework as the solution being less vulnerable and more flexible in choosing the required hardware. You can even think about upgrading your set up with additional out of the box Framework functionality, like adding AI for automated object recognition or blurring objects.

Generic camera grabber

We just the finished the generic machine vision camera grabber. Based upon the GenICam standard (GENeric Interface for CAMeras). This standard provides generic software interfaces for all kinds of machine vision cameras whatever their hardware interface.

The underlying interface used, for example, GigE Vision or CameraLink, is of no relevance. New technologies such as Camera Link HS or USB3 Vision, also rely on the GenICam standard.

So if you are being forced to upgrade, replace or to build a new visionary imagery solution you should consider this Framework!

Author: Bas Beukers
Date:    September 2021