Trimble MX Extensions Update

New batch on their way

Our install base of the Trimble MX extension is growing every month. The second batch of the MX high-resolution extensions are being assembled and will soon be on their way to the UK and France!

Including thermal camera’s

Our customers in Spain and the UK also chose to make their MX extension even more versatile by adding thermal cameras to set up. We combine high accurate GNNS/INS/IMU and thermal imaging cameras for georeferenced thermal mapping.

Now the system can be utilized to carry out road surface condition and asset surveys, detection of energy, heat and water leakages, observing electrical utility infrastructure, etc.

For the Horus Framework this is a minor addition and easy to configure.

MX50 update

Last July Trimble launched the MX50 as an addition to the MX family. After testing we are confident that the MX high-resolution extension works as well with the new MX50 as with the MX7 and MX9.

New demo data & video tutorial library available

If you are also interested in the MX extension, want to receive demo data or just want to have pricing information drop us an email!