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Thermal infrared Extension

Thermal Mapping is a vehicle based survey technique to collect up-to-date data on a large scale in less time. The primary output of the Thermal infrared extension includes GIS data, digital maps, and georeferenced images and video.

Horus view and explore combines high accurate GNNS/INS/IMU and thermal imaging cameras for georeferenced thermal mapping. The system can be utilized to carry out road surface condition and asset surveys, detection of energy, heat and water leakages, observing electrical utility infrastructure, etc.


Fast thermal data collection & evaluation


Switch between combined Thermal & RGB imagery


Direct temperature read-out available from image


The Thermal Infrared Extension is a system where GPS/IMU, recording and viewing software, capturing hardware and housing is included.

The system can be mounted on standard roof rails of a car or even on an ATV, boat or train, which makes it a flexible capturing system for various projects.

The Horus software supports all sorts of sensor and camera types. For that reason, the Horus Thermal Mapping Sensor can be extended with all RGB cameras, high-resolution cameras, spherical cameras like FLIR Ladybug and GPS/IMU.

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Learn more what the Thermal Infrared Extension can do for you! Download the datasheet, get access to sample data or just send us an e-mail.

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