Successful kick off Horus Newton webinar series

Straight from the new Horus HQ in Groningen we kicked off our Newton webinar series. This first edition was about how to become a “Newton” in capturing street level imagery!

Newton was a brilliant mind in combining knowledge from several scientific disciplines to get new and even deeper insights like never seen before. And this is exactly what we do with the Horus Inside Framework. Combine, fuse and make sensor data smarter with clever AI algorithms. Even Newton would have loved this!

In 25 minutes we and our partner Bolesian brought the attendees fully up to speed with the latest in capturing smart street level imagery. We demonstrated how we captured faster, safer and smarter at the Malta International Airport. Bolesian gave a deep insight in their very smart algorithms and how they are being used in several use cases. Over 25 people from 14 countries in 7 different time zones were attending this first webinar!

If you missed this webinar you should watch the recording or give us a call for a meeting with one of the Horus professionals. And don’t forget to sign up for the upcoming webinars with very interesting subjects! You can find the agenda and register here.