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Imagery based mobile mapping

Automated road inspection can be done 10x faster with AI and the Horus Geosuite

Jeroen Bleeker, Manager at Unihorn

“Thanks to Inspech’s digital road inspector we can deliver full reports in a matter of days, where this used to take up to five weeks for a single road.”

Mobile mapping 2021 needs intelligent solutions

The mobile mapping is asking for more intelligent and better ways of capturing in-depth street level imagery. Needed functionality like real-time stitching, automated object recognition and virtual 3D meshes became the new standard. Fusing thermal infrared & high resolution imagery, GNSS data and even AI libraries are needed to fulfill the customer needs and expectations.

Imagery based mobile mapping

The mobile mapping solutions of Horus helps organizations to map the world for the following purposes: asset management or navigational goals based on street level imagery.

Horus has chosen to base its solutions on imagery. Imagery has a huge advantage compared to other mobile mapping techniques: it is faster, more meaningful, more affordable and the community of image analytics is bigger and faster growing then the other technologies.

Through experience, we gathered and developed a great deal of know-how on registering the public space. Knowledge we use to keep our Mobile Mapping software and hardware at the highest level.

Automated asset management

Automatic feature extraction of street level imagery

Capturing data is just the beginning. But transforming into actionable information is the real end game. Manually annotating shop names, utility signs and other types of points of interest [POI] is very time-consuming and expensive.

Or if you are in the construction industry you would like to automate your inspection workflow, bringing safety to the inspection process and optimize maintenance works by having better insight of local conditions.

The results of automatic feature extraction of street level imagery has reached levels of maturity and this led to unlimited possibilities and applications. The Horus mobile mapping software and hardware solutions enabling you to benefit from this opportunity immediately!

Safe, fast and repetitive inspection method

Digital Twin

Digital Twins Create reality 3D mesh surroundings

The Horus HR extension provides content to build your own digital twins of cities. Adding the captured High Resolution imagery content to the context capturing software like Bentley ContextCapture, will result in a 3D reality mesh.

Each digital asset can be automatically recognized and/or geospatially referenced, providing you with an intuitive and immersive way to navigate and query your asset information. Reality meshes have several use cases and are being used in engineering & maintenance industries to provide precise real-world digital context for design, construction and operations decisions.

Framework description in detail

Contact us if you are interested in what the Horus Framework could do for you. We are happy to schedule a call or even to set up a real-time demo!