The Horus Sharing Tools

Use the Horus Webplayer to publish and share your panoramic data on the web, combined with spatial data

Share it with the Horus Webplayer

Organize your recordings and share these recordings with project members in or outside your organization. The Horus Webplayer has a build-in security store, controlling access to your recordings though account-based access.

Integrate your webservices in the webplayer, or even maintain your assets using the web editing capabilities of the Webplayer. Or even integrate the Horus Webplayer in your own existing webapplication using the Webplayer API.

The Horus webplayer Sphere API is the core component which exposes functionalities from the Horus Webplayer web client core library. The webplayer van be used on-premises customized in your own style

Tech Specs

Windows 8.1 /10 / Server 2012 (Recommended 64-bit)

CPU Speed: 3.0 GHz quadcore or higherProcessor:Intel Core i7
Memory/RAM: 32 GB or higherNetworking Hardware:2x Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
Rights: Full Local Administrator rightsVideo/Graphics Adapter:64 bit and NVIDIA GT 600 series or higher
Storage: SAN/NAS storage attatched to the server. Based on the amount of recordings client wants to store
Other recommendations: 2-4 USB 3 ports, Monitor: FUll HD monitor, 1TB or higher SSD for fast writing to disk
Internet connection: Internet connection necessary. Remote access for Horus is preferred (VPN or Teamviewer)