The Horus Process Tools

The Horus Movie Maker can be used to edit the recordings, select useful recordings and to cut out sections that aren’t needed.

Create & Process your own scene

The Horus Movie maker is used to edit the recorded camera streams so the recordings are tailored for the Inventory and Survey with the Movie Player software. You can export the recordings to several formats (Mp4 or .AVI) or export the video to photos (jpeg, bmp, png). if you have recorded GPS data, you are able to export the photo’s for each X linear meter ( e.g. every 5 meter a photo)

The Horus Position Fixer can be used to correct the recordings. Use the Horus Position Fixes to postprocess the GPS data based on Virtual Reference Station to improve the accuracy.

The Horus Scene Builder can be used to create your own stitch, blending, cropping, distortion. Minimal light conditions? A camera was off position? No problem for the Scene Builder to correct it!

Tech Specs

We recommend that you run the Horus Movie Maker on a machine running on Windows 7 x86 / x64, Open GL 2.1 or higher and an Intel Core i3 processer or faster.