The Horus recording Suite

Stack, connect and build the setup you need.
Starting a recording session will only take a few minutes. Set up the camera, choose your configuration and press Start!

Stay focused and highly productive with The Horus Movie Recorder

The Movie Recorder is an ingenious piece of software. It run on Windows 7 platforms, but it also can be embedded. It can process an incredible amount of camera and sensor data. You can add a wide variety of sensors to the Movie Recorder. We've mentioned GPS trackers, scanning devices and manual triggers, but you can also add microphones to record road surface noise. Or add equipment to register bumps and slopes.

In fact, the performance of the Movie Recorder is only limited by the hardware, especially the data storage hard in terms of writing speed and storage capacity. The camera resolution and framerate determine the load on the data storage. Of course we know that you only want to store the data you really need so you can put the data storage to optimal use. To get the best results, we help you choose the right camera system so that you're not paying for anything that you don't actually need.

To streamline the data and to set up the cameras and sensors, we've developed the Pipeline builder. With this tool that comes standard with the Horus Movie Recorder, you can easily set up the hard- and software. You can add grabbers for camera's, data protocols, GPS and triggers. Just add components like decoders, encoders, file writers, network writers, data combiners and image converters to streamline the data.

Just drag, drop and connect the hardware in the Pipeline Builder screen and the software will take care of it all. The Movie Recorder's main function is to record all the data from the camera's additional sensors. The Movie Recorder had a simple playback function, it is merely used to check the images that have just been recorded.

The Horus Movie Recorder can be delivered as different versions:
HRS P-180: low end, max 180 degrees recordings;
HRD P-360: medium end, max 360 degrees recordings;
HRD D-720: high end, over 360 degrees recordings (geodetic, high res etc.)

Tech Specs

Screen resolution:1024 x768 recommended or higher at Normal size ( 96 dpi)
Video/Graphics Adapter: 64 bit and NVIDIA GT 600 series or higher
Networking Hardware:Simple TCP/IP, Network Card
Rights:Local Administrator rights
Recommendations:USB 3 ports, Monitor: Full HD monitor, 1TB or higher SSD for fast writing to disk.