The Horus Security Suite

See the unseen: observe, decide and act

Our solution:

Persistent Wide-area Surveillance has proven to be of great value in handling incidents and accidents under a wide variety of circumstances. Not only does it help solve offences and crimes, it can actually help you prevent them. Horus offers a variety of systems and solutions for companies whose main responsibility is the safety and security of people and property.

We provide high-quality, powerful and user-friendly solutions for the following markets:

- Homeland security: border control, coast guard, airports

- Military

- Police: accident analysis, city centers, large crowds, wide areas

- Security companies

- Facility management: construction sites, facility security and safety

How does it work?

Our systems incorporate three major components: the camera system, data storage and the connecting element: our software. Together, they offer superior and immersive imagery. This means that the operator will only have to monitor a single screen that provides a 360-degree image of the surveillance area, which is even better than being at the actual scene in person. The operator can look around freely, zoom in on every detail and instantly replay the images. This allows for a much shorter response time and helps to make effective decisions in critical situations.

Stationary and Mobile

Horus Safety and Security surveillance systems are available in two main categories: stationary and mobile. Our stationary systems are used in large buildings and open spaces, both public and private, such as airports, railway stations, city centers, government buildings and military bases.

Feel responsible? Be responsible! By choosing Horus. In terms of cost, Horus is the responsible choice, too. Our systems are state-of-the-art, custom-built and quite literally even capable of offering unseen imagery. If you would like to learn more about our systems or our company, please contact us. All questions will be dealt with confidentially.

Security and Surveillance System Video

In cooperation with BSS Holland, we provide wide immersive view solutions to overcome limitations of today's video technology to give customers the situational-awareness needed to best protect lives and property. We provide wide, immersive view solutions to overcome the limitations of today's video technology, in order to give customers the situational awareness needed to best protect lives and property.

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