June 2017

Protecting the Rhinos with Horus!

A special project this time! Together with BSS Holland we have developed a 360 degree thermal infrared anti-poacher system for Rhino Force. This week, the employees of Horus View and Explore and BSS Holland will be testing in South Africa and Zimbabwe. News from their website www.rhino-force.org :

Rhino Force teams have just been equipped with a PTZ infrared 360-degree night vision and infrared mast. PTZ systems allow our teams to patrol with all lights off and effectively conduct covert operations at night. It also makes our patrols dramatically more effective and efficient as our teams can cover land much faster because they are not reliant upon human eyesight to detect poachers, but rather a clear infrared contrast. This means the rangers can scan an area almost instantly and move along with little to no chance of missing the heat signal of poachers!


News item in the Dutch Newspaper ‘ Telegraaf’ :