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With High Resolution (HR) and Thermal Infrared (IR)


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Businesses are unnecessarily losing clients to competitors by failing to adapt to the rapid changing demands and requirements. Capturing street level imagery with a standard 360° camera alone does not cut it anymore. Affordable solutions for making small details for point of interest and inspection visible is becoming a necessity. End-users need to have various georeferenced actionable data fast and cost effective to fulfill their business requirements.

Horus has over a decade of experience helping large system integrators build and integrate intelligent camera extensions on top of their own products. The MX Extension kit boasts the ability to fully integrate High Resolution cameras for road inspection and asset management, alongside Thermal Infrared cameras for detecting heat leaks, moisture and thermal segregation in asphalt.

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Convenience is key. We make adding high resolution imagery and/or thermal infrared cameras to MX7, MX50 and MX9 easy. Just press record on the Trimble TMI as usual and the additional HR/IR cameras will work with the MX system. There is no need for additional GNSS/INS and you are free to export however you like. The main objective is to optimise mapping work flows by making them more efficient and cost effective. Adding this technology opens up new value propositions like intelligent mapping and automated feature extraction using the high resolution output!

MX Extensions product range

Horus MX – High Resolution camera extension kit

The Horus MX High-Resolution extension is the cost effective high-resolution [HR] camera system to upgrade your mobile mapping system instantly.

By adding HR imagery to your current MX system you are able to capture  level imagery for more detailed road inspection and asset mapping applications and be ready for automated feature extraction, scanning POI’s and creating virtual 3D mesh surroundings.


  • Road Inventory and Asset Management
  • Road mapping and highway facility management
  • Vegetation management
  • Digital Twins applications

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Horus MX – Thermal camera extension kit

The Horus MX Thermal extension is the cost effective thermal infrared [IR] camera system to upgrade your mobile mapping system instantly.

A stable & reliable IR camera set up is the core. But more importantly you speed your thermal evaluation workflows because  postprocessing of your georeferenced images is no longer needed. And you will have a direct temperature read-out available from image for fast thermal evaluation


  • Tunnel inspections
  • Capturing asset failing (overheating equipment)
  • Checking real estate insulation problems
  • Measuring heat stress in cities

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    Horus Mercaido – automated feature extraction as a service

    Mercaido is the Horus AI toolset where you can get access to a library of street level imagery relevant AI models.

    Automated feature extraction became a software  tool that you can run in your own IT premises. AI loves HR imagery. Generating georeferenced actionable data out of street-level HR imagery was never this easy. Horus has a growing list of AI partners dedicated to next level accuracy.


    • Automated feature extraction
      Traffic signs; Road Assets, Surface and more
    • Vegetation management
    • Infrastructure maintenance

    Our AI Partners:

    • NavInfo
    • Bolesian
    • BrainCreators
    • Kaios

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