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2023 the year of imagery based
mobile mapping

Imagery based mobile mapping

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Imagery based mapping is the future

More and more organizations recognize that street-level imagery can be a full-fledged alternative for many mobile mapping applications. This strengthens our confidence that imagery-based mobile mapping is gaining foothold in the traditional mobile mapping market. A market where lidar held sway for many years…

This is not only our expectation. But this work was also already confirmed at the last Intergeo and the high-profile Trimble Dimensions conference end of 2022. 

Cost- effective & efficient compared to Lidar

In comparison to Lidar, many cases show that the measurements performed in imagery data is good enough for many use cases.  And is a cost-effective way to obtain data on a large area.

Especially when you have thousands of miles to capture, imagery based mobile mapping is much more efficient. And the extra possibility to determine the asset condition is the best “value for money” solution.

  1. It can provide a visual representation of the area, allowing for easier identification of features and to determine the condition of the features.
  2. You have to store & process less data
  3. High resolution and thermal imaging systems are still much cheaper to purchase compared to Lidar technology.


Streamlining feature extraction 

The industry is changing to accommodate improved methods of traditional processes, especially now that artificial intelligence (AI) and complex machine learning algorithms are proving to be effective in the field mobile mapping.

Automated mapping 

In addition, we see that automating the process of getting decisive GIS information out of imagery data is also going to take off. Besides the standard AI applications such as traffic sign recognition and image anonymization, we also see other applications that are promising.

Use cases

We have already been allowed to collaborate in some projects in 2022 in the area of automated line patrol, to map potential hazards around utility poles with high-resolution & thermal imagery data. But also in the automation and streamlining of calculation processes in the construction of FTTX networks. Normally a manual process that is lengthy, costly and less reliable. But this is only the beginning!

Be ready for 2023 

In summary, with our imagery-based mobile mapping solutions, our powerful post-processing, (automated) annotation and publishing geo-software suite, we are able to visually extract and map objects and surfaces like no other.

The Horus solutions are ready for the future. Want to learn more?

Road inspection portfolio

Modular mobile mapping system

The CityMapper is capturing system enabling fast and productive capture of road, infrastructure and city environmental data from a vehicle-mounted.

Equipped with professional 360 camera and GNSS/ INS positional system, CityMapper captures street-level imagery at high-way speed. Vastly reducing project operating costs and improving safety.


The Horus CityMapper is the ideal solution
to generate deliverables such as:

  • Geo-referenced immersive panoramic images
  • GIS data capture, extraction and maintenance
  • City maps & models
  • Change analyses over time

GeoSuite mapping software

Trimble MX9 with Horus MX Extension

The Horus GeoSuite software is included with the CityMapper. And enables you to transform, process, extract and share your data across your organization or via the web.

GeoSuite  is the ideal solution to generate deliverables such as: Geo-referenced panoramic images & GIS data capture.


Digital Twins

The Horus HR extension provides content to build your own digital twins of cities. Adding the captured High Resolution imagery content to the context capturing software like Bentley ContextCapture, will result in a 3D reality mesh.


Automated mapping

Capturing data is just the beginning. Transforming into actionable information is the real end game. Manually annotating shop names, utility signs and other types of points of interest [POI] is very time-consuming and expensive.

The results of automatic feature extraction of street level imagery has reached levels of maturity and this led to unlimited possibilities and applications.

The Horus mobile mapping software and hardware solutions enabling you to benefit from this opportunity immediately!

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