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Horus & NavInfo Europe

collaboration announcement  

Horus View & Explore and NavInfo Europe announce their collaboration to streamline AI deployment for the mapping industry

The Netherlands, March 22.

NavInfo Europe and Horus View and Explore are delighted to announce their collaboration, where they will jointly be providing automated mapping & feature extraction solutions to the mobile mapping market. They started the collaboration by launching the on premise functionality of automating the process of making data GDPR compliant. Horus View and Explore is a Dutch-based independent software development company with a background in providing advanced mapping and camera technology solutions. Paired with NavInfo Europe’s expertise in AI Computer Vision, this collaboration enables businesses to automate their GIS data processing with the extended HORISON framework.

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MERCAIDO, the new disruptive AI analysis platform
streamlining automated mapping applications.

Horus launches MERCAIDO

There is an urgent need for the efficient and reliable creation of actionable data in the mobile mapping market. MERCAIDO is the disruptive AI platform where automated mapping can be done more decisive, cost-effective, secure & faster. 

Streamlining the process to make data GDPR compliant

The first AI models to make data GDRP compliant are up & running.  And are being used in several client case. But making street level imagery GDRP compliant is just the beginning! The MERCAIDO architecture makes it very easy to include additional AI models and to streamline and automate the process of getting georeferenced actionable data out of street level imagery.

Automated mapping & feature extraction
as a service will follow very soon.

MERCAIDO brings together geo-referenced imagery data, domain knowledge from engineering companies and relevant AI models like the extensive NavInfo AI library. 

MERCAIDO speeds up the transformation process of getting actionable data out of street level imagery. By combining the AI Computer Vision knowledge of NavInfo and the power of the Horison Framework we can now support functionality like automated mapping, feature extraction and making data GDRP compliant.


Build a GDPR compliant camera system yourself!

We can imagine you can’t wait to try this yourself. To get you started we created a developers blog how to design a GDPR compliant camera system using the HORISON Framework and NavInfo Europe anonymization model. This developers blog includes a step-by-step manual, a full technical description and finally a real use case.

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