Geo-referecenced actionable data
as a solution

MERCAIDO automates & accelerates the process
of getting actionable data out of imagery based geospatial data.

MERCAIDO automates the process of getting actionable data out of imagery based geospatial data and is the (post) processing software solution to enrich your imagery data with relevant AI models.

MERCAIDO delivers automated mapping as a solution you will save time and money by identifying potential issues before they become problems so you can make well informed decisions about where to spend your maintenance budget. This will give you a big competitive advantage.

MERCAIDO helps out to automated and accelerate mapping & asset management workflows in many applications.


  • Much faster (speed up the (post) processing process by 80%)
  • More reliable (by using computer vision models & unbiased street-level imagery)
  • More cost effective (saves up to 65% per KM)

MERCAIDO cases & examples

Visionary imagery solutions built with HORISON are being used in several markets and industries including robotics, safety & security, ADAS and mobile mapping.

In (near) real-time:
Safety applications where timing is crucial:

  • Overheating equipment (failing assets)
  • disaster management,
  • Leakage (water, warmth),
  • rampant growth of vegetation blocking poles & traffic signs,
  • garbage detection …
  • Regulations: GDPR compliancy …

In post:

  • Road safety: iRAP items like guard rails, traffic signs, potholes, cracks, road marking
  • Asset management in public spaces: visual inspection in order to calculate/predict maintenance, vegetation management
  • City management: visual pollution like graffiti, unwanted use of spaces
  • Energy transition: calculation risks/costs for tenders/projects to add or replace utility networks (fiber to the home, electricity)


To avoid highly design & build of fiber to home (FTTx) networks, communications service providers (CSPs) do manually environmental surveys. The traditional method is a very expensive and time-consuming process.

Manually gathered data and field surveys can also introduce new uncertainties through inaccurate and incomplete information.

MERCAIDO automates the process of getting actionable data out of imagery based geospatial data. And is the (post) processing toolset to enrich your street-level imagery with relevant AI models for automated feature extraction.

By using MERCAIDO and (your own) imagery based geospatial data, with accuracies in the fractions of centimeters to increase its understanding of the environment, CSPs can gain a competitive advantage and a faster time to market.


There is an urgent need for faster and reliable actionable imagery data for mobile mapping applications. Therefore, you need to combine geo-referenced imagery data from data capturing companies, domain knowledge from engineering companies and third party AI models.

MERCAIDO delivers automated mapping as a solution. Use your imagery based geospatial data, combine this with our AI library and you will get the needed actionable understanding of the environment. This will give you a competitive advantage.

MERCAIDO streamlines the process of getting georeferenced actionable data out of street level imagery in the following applications;

  • Automated road maintenance: Guard rails, traffic signs, asphalt cracks & raveling, iRAP standards.
  • Make data GDPR Compliant: LPR, faces, persons, vehicles


Timely inspection and maintenance of networks and facilities is a big challenge. Because the outdoor environment constantly changes. No actual registration of the location and quality of the assets including vegetation overgrowth, can lead to unnecessary risks and/or maintenance costs for network operators & utility companies.

    MERCAIDO streamlines the process of getting georeferenced actionable data out of street level imagery in the following applications;

    • Automated feature extraction of: utility poles, utility signs, transformers, line patrol;
    • Vegetation management; targeted control and elimination of unwanted vegetation – spanning from weeds and bushes to branches and trees;
    • Predictive maintenance; thermal inspections.


    Street level imagery is the perfect data layer to determine the condition state of assets. Graffiti on walls are hard to detect with other surveying sensors like LiDAR. Manual inspections are time consuming, expensive and not always accurate. For example:

    • Garbage detection;
    • Graffiti detection;
    • Unwanted advertisements;
    • Abandoned houses.


    MERCAIDO enables to create actionable georeferenced data and able to take the needed measures.


     We built the infrastructure where 3rd party models can be integrated on the fly. MERCAIDO, automated feature extraction as a service, brings together street level imagery capturing companies and AI companies in an open marketplace.

    What we don’t do is to create AI models ourself. Therefore, we work together with well-known AI companies like NavInfo, Bolesian and Braincreators. These are our contribution partners of our growing AI library to support many use cases in many countries. If you are interested becoming a MERCAIDONEER contact us!

    What is in it for AI companies?

    • A very healthy kick-back fee;
    • Getting your models trained;
    • You don’t have to worry about attracting new clients. We know them!

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