The AI / CV software to do automated mapping. More decisive, cost effective & faster.

Combine your street-level imagery with domain knowledge with relevant artificial intelligence or computer vision models to create georeferenced actionable data (GIS).

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Reduces calculation & design costs of FTTH networks up to 65%

To avoid highly design & build of fiber to home (FTTH) networks, communications service providers (CSPs) do manually environmental surveys. The traditional method is a very expensive and time-consuming process. Manually gathered data and field surveys can also introduce new uncertainties through inaccurate and incomplete information.



Accelerates automate feature extraction processes by 80%

There is an urgent need for faster and reliable actionable imagery data for mobile mapping applications. Therefore, you need to combine geo-referenced imagery data from data capturing companies, domain knowledge from engineering companies and third party AI models.

Reducing failure costs of equipment & assets for network operators

Timely inspection and maintenance of networks and facilities is a big challenge. Because the outdoor environment constantly changes. No actual registration of the location and quality of the assets including vegetation overgrowth, can lead to unnecessary risks and/or maintenance costs for network operators & utility companies.

Horus is official NVIDIA METROPOLIS PARTNER – the community for intelligent video analytics solution providers.

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