MERCAIDOReduces calculation & design costs of FTTH networks up to 65%

Reduces calculation & design costs of FTTH networks up to 65%

To avoid highly design & build of fiber to home (FTTH) networks, communications service providers (CSPs) do manually environmental surveys. The traditional method is a very expensive and time-consuming process. Manually gathered data and field surveys can also introduce new uncertainties through inaccurate and incomplete information.

MERCAIDO automates the process of getting actionable data out of imagery based geospatial data. And is the (post) processing toolset to enrich your street-level imagery with relevant AI models for automated feature extraction.

By using MERCAIDO and (your own) imagery based geospatial data, with accuracies in the fractions of centimeters to increase its understanding of the environment, CSPs can gain a competitive advantage and a faster time to market.

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