MERCAIDOAccelerates automate feature extraction processes by 80%

Accelerates automate feature extraction processes by 80%

There is an urgent need for faster and reliable actionable imagery data for mobile mapping applications. Therefore, you need to combine geo-referenced imagery data from data capturing companies, domain knowledge from engineering companies and third party AI models.

MERCAIDO delivers automated mapping as a solution. Use your imagery based geospatial data, combine this with our AI library and you will get the needed actionable understanding of the environment. This will give you a competitive advantage.

MERCAIDO streamlines the process of getting georeferenced actionable data out of street level imagery in the following applications;

  • Automated road maintenance: Guard rails, traffic signs, asphalt cracks & raveling, iRAP standards.
  • Make data GDPR Compliant: LPR, faces, persons, vehicles

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