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Horus AI Media Server

Faster and more versatile AI input

Horus AI Media Server is an API to access all sorts of street level imagery stored on a central location.

Software developers that want to run AI models on street level imagery can speed up the development process by making use of image reprojections, adding geographical context information. 



Creating automatically labeled data based on GIS data.


Run detection models focusing on geographical area of interest.


Run existing models on several camera data by using image reprojections.

Create orthophotos

Grid to Render as an orthophoto
When checking the condition of road markings, you may want to get a top down view of the road markings for analysis. This to get the best overview and awareness of the situation.

Topdown images 

The Horus AI Media Server can render a specified grid as an orthophoto.

Target locations

Locate the perfect view
You know the location of a traffic sign, but you want to want to know what the sign is. If you use the frame taken closest to the traffic sign, it is likely that you will see the side of the sign.

Clipping angles

Since the traffic sign will be off to the right side of the road we want our clipping angles to be between 5 and 15 degrees to the right. By going back 2 frames, the traffic sign is between 5 and 15 degrees to the right, and we’ve got a clear view of the sign itself.

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