At Horus View and Explore we have (job) oppertunity's for Internships (Students Bachelor, in an IT related field, or Msc.) and Software Engineers ( Level of education Bachelor in an IT related field, or Msc.) If the applicant does not have a degree in a IT related field then several years of experience is desired (5+), else a junior programmer is welcome. Demonstrable experience of expertise from work or study is a plus.

Experience with javascript is desirable. Highly desirable is experience with the following languages:

  • C/
  • C++
  • .Net

Below some questions our programming team solved, we're curious to know what your ideas are on the subjects.

"How to measure the surface of a window in a 3D environment when only the floor plan is provided"

GIS is used in many aspects within Horus. Not only is the creation of GIS queries common in most of our applications, the ability to come up with and new creative GIS implementation is occasionly needed.

Watch both video's for a quick tour of some of our tools.

"How to efficiently store large quantities of data such that it is possible to do: fast searching, reading and writing on different platforms and use the data inside different programmingenvironments"

The Horus Recorder Backend is a plugandplay recording system, which is able to store, index, render and forward incomming data of several different hardware components. These components can be cameras, microcontrollers, inertial navigation systems etc.



Due to security regulations not all clients (civil servants) can have an installed version of the MoviePlayer on their desktop. The latter problem brought life to a WebPlayer. The WebPlayer functionality is constantly upgraded to the features found in the desktop version. Given fast and realiable.



The complexity of third party libraries such as Boost, Intel Threading Building blox requires that the programmers are comfortable in reading and writing c++11/14 code. Difference between: for (auto& kv : _map) and for (auto kv: _map) should be no problem to read and write.



Most of the software in Horus View & Explore is written in c#, and even though goal is to eventually have soly c++ code, there is always maintaince to be done in c#.

A Must have is an affinity with one or more of the following areas:

  • Audio/Video processing.
  • (3d)Data visualization
  • Imaging
  • Image recognition
  • GIS

Experience with the following libraries is a plus:

  • Boost
  • OpenCV
  • OpenGL
  • Openscenegraph
  • Threejs/osg.js
  • WebGL
  • Window forms lib

Experience with the following tools/IDE is a plus:

  • Cmake
  • Github
  • SVN
  • TeamCity
  • Visual
  • studio
  • WiX toolse
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