IR data in street level imagery makes a huge impact!
8 July 2020 

IR data in street level imagery makes a huge impact!

Today we had our 2nd seminar in the Horus Newton webinar series! Today’s topic was what are the benefits of fusing IR sensors in your street level imagery.
Based upon two interesting showcases we not only had a theoretical presentation but also two impact driven and proven business cases!

Dirk Aalbers, Sales manager Horus started the webinar and explained how Horus & Van Gelder worked for the Municipality of Amsterdam. The issue was they wanted to have an insight of the heat stress and energy waste of the very crowded city centre of Amsterdam. Horus was able to capture over 30 times faster than the traditional way of capturing IR heatmaps and we were able to reduce the level of nuisance to an absolute minimum. Finally, we could deliver the Municipality of Amsterdam very smart insights and reliable data from our captured multi sensor street level imagery like never seen before

After this interesting talk Tom van Daal, Data Scientist  Sobolt took over the webinar and gave a great insight how the Municipality of Groningen took advantage of streel level imagery enriched with IR data! The challenge was to create a reliable insight for the residents of Groningen what the positive impact on the energy transition would be if they would insulate their homes properly. After the capturing stage every resident in the area got a personal insulation advice based on their own defect characteristics! The potential savings in energy costs and less CO2 emissions will make a big impact in reducing the carbon footprint in this particular neighbourhood in Groningen.

We could imagine if you have missed this webinar but now got triggered by the cases and want to learn more about it! So please find the recording of this webinar or the presentation of Horus or the presentation of Sobolt.

If you have any questions you should call or email Dirk.

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