Imagery based parking solutions

Parking is changing. Technological capabilities, consumer demand and urbanization means the industry needs to change and rapidly.

Leading smart cities are increasingly turning to industry to solve their congestion and space management challenges. Increasingly, there is a push towards creating an integrated parking ecosystem where aspects like parking enforcement, permit management and parking payments are all interconnected through digital devices. This makes it easier for car parking companies and drivers to manage their resources efficiently.

Horus clients who are active in this industry apply Horus technology for several steps in this process. One of the first steps is to create and maintain digital parking maps that can be created with imagery based mobile mapping software or with the turnkey solution Horus Citymapper.

Others make use of the multi-sensor fusion software to equip vehicles with cameras, GPS, streaming (4G/5G). Parking industry is typically a market where (lowcost) video systems need to be combined with accurate location (GNSS), timing, geographical assets registration and streaming of data. All these components are included in the Horus multi sensor fusion software. These technologies combined with Artificial Intelligence (like free space detection) and low cost equipment mounted on e.g. busses or garbage trucks makes frequent data acquisition for Smart Cities possible.

This software can be deployed on embedded systems, so combining these technologies and deployment at high scales is possible.