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Remote surveillance based upon the NVIDIA Jetson and Horus technology!

Webinar series from the Horus Academy

Webinar #4: Discover the power of the NVIDIA Jetson hardware in combination with the Horus Framework!

Robotics, real time AI and even low latency VR livestreaming become reality like never seen before. In this 4th edition of our Newton Webinar series we would like to demonstrate to you how this becomes reality with our solutions.

Join the conversation and get first hand insights of our engineering team while they share their experience and knowledge in a real time demo. They will demonstrate how easy it now is to upscale or change in functionality without designing new hardware or coding new software by using the Nvidia hardware together with the powerful Horus framework.  

Does it work? Oh yes – the real time demo will prove this and we will present you 3 very innovative use cases in Robotics, VR live streaming and remote surveillance!

So save December 10.  1PM – CET in your agenda and register for a free seat with the link below. Don’t miss out because there are limited seats available!

Keynote speaker(s) are :

 - Mathijs van Beers - Project Manager at Horus 

 - Rens Porre - Software Engineer at Horus

The webinar is free of charge. The only thing you need to invest is 45 minutes of your valuable time. After this you can choose for yourself if you want to stay ahead of your competitors.


  • The webinar will take 45 minutes.
  • At the end there is room for a Q&A of 15 minutes.

Feel free to prepare some questions and share them during the webinar or beforehand.

Did you miss any of the previous webinars?

Even tough all of our webinars are hosted live and we encourage to attend them so you can get direct feedback and answers to your questions. We also record our sessions and provide them as replay. Browse through our knowledge base and get the information you need to be the smartest kid in town!

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