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Horus Platform | Horus Inside

Design, Drag & Drop and Deploy your own application in minutes with the Horus platform.

With the use of the Horus platform anyone can build their own multi sensor application at an instance!

About the Horus Platform

Having seen the potential in different markets, such as the upcoming embedded industry, Horus decided to improve on its successful existing application/framework (now called System V1). 

Strengths such as graphical application design and the use of a dynamic plugin system have remained. Most improvements have occurred in the areas of portability and reuseability of the system, allowing easy deployment from small embedded devices up to super computers. As we will see, a three-tier system has been devised allowing graphical designers to build on top of System V2 and technical engineers to extend it.

Horus Inside

The basic building blocks of Horus Inside applications are components. Components are licensed individually. Apart from a number of free basic components that are built-in, most components are provided as plugins. Components can accept, transform, and/or produce data. This allows them to be used in concert to accomplish complex tasks. Horus provides an expanding list of components like:

  • Device grabbers that acquire data from peripherals like video cameras, GPS units, joysticks, and inertial measurement units. 
  • Device controllers that can be used to control external devices. 
  • Video encoders, decoders, and transcoders. 
  • A Socket.IO component to control an application remotely. 
  • A file writer and reader. 
  • A network writer and reader. 
  • Database components that access SQL databases. In addition to these ready-to-use components, the Horus Inside SDK can be used to write custom components.

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