Horus Movie Recorder

The Horus Movie Recorder is hardware independent. It works with all Commercial of-the-shelf (COTS) hardware.  

The Horus Movie Recorder’s main function is to record all the data from the camera’s additional sensors. The Horus Movie Recorder has a simple playback function, it is merely used to check the images that have just been recorded.  

Part of the Recorder is the Horus Recorder Builder. This tool is used to build a so called recording pipeline. A data stream in which camera grabbers and physical devices are connected. In the component panels you can select cameras, grabbers, components and drag and drop them in the build screen. All components that are placed in the main screen can be connected by simple drawing a line between the components you want to connect. The pipeline that is created in the main screen can be exported as a Horus Recorder Pipeline file.  

The Horus Recorder Builder is linked to the Data Grabber Module. The Data Grabber Module uses the pipeline and can perform recording tasks. This data grabber can operate autonomous. The Horus Movie Recorder is the front-end application to start and stop manually.  

Pricing is per installed machine

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