Mapping the world made easy

Turnkey street-level imagery data collection system

  • Professional quality
  • Fits on any vehicle
  • Easy to install, easy to transport
  • No postprocessing of images needed
  • Used all over the world
  • Based on years of experience
  • We use it ourselves as well :)
  • Street-level imagery & AI data extraction: the affordable and repetitive solution

The Horus Citymapper

Since 2006 Horus has showed the world what powerful solutions can be built on top of street-level imagery data. Imagery data can be interpreted very fast by humans. So the audience that can work with this kind of data is huge. With mobile mapping software of Horus it is possible to extract features manually as GIS objects or automatically with Artificial intelligence software.

With absolute map accuracies <10 cm, imagery based solutions are relatively affordable and faster than LiDAR systems and therefore very useful for frequent assetmanagement inventory and inspection tasks. Since Horus software is multi sensor fusion software, you can add fast and easy extra sensors like high resolution, thermal infrared, noise, etc to perform multi purpose inspections on the go.

And yes, if needed, you can add LiDAR to the Citymapper as well!

Ready to start?

Mapping the world with street-level imagery is easy with this turn key solution. Equipped with a professional 360 camera and GNSS/INS positional system, The Horus Citymapper can be mounted on a car, boat or train with the roof rail system. Trust, like other clients worldwide, on years of experience with this affordable, safe and fast solution for the mapping world.


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