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Low-code platform to build video analytics solutions

HORISON, the low code sensor integration platform to build

intelligent video analytics solutions at lightning speed.

The challenge of building Intelligent Video analytics solutions 

The demand for video systems to create actionable data is changing rapidly. Customers expect more intelligent video solutions [IVA] to match their business needs. This is a real challenge for system integrators! Because combining cutting edge technologies, fusing sensors and adding AI will normally result in long and costly R&D cycles. Not with HORISON low-code framework …

HORISON Framework powered by Horus

HORISON is a unique low-code sensor fusing framework to design and deploy visionary imagery solutions in just a fraction of time.

HORISON includes:

  • a component library & a list of preconfigured pipelines to get you started immediately;
  • a pipeline graph builder to design pipelines graphically;
  • easy integration of your own proprietary code blocks;
  • the functionality to integrate your own AI plugins or use the included AI models;
  • the ability to configure your own web interface to manage your solution.

These elements are the basics to save an incredible amount of time to build IVA solutions.

Visionary imagery solutions built with HORISON are being used in several markets and industries including, health, robotics, safety & security, ADAS and mobile mapping.

HORISON cases & examples

Visionary imagery solutions built with HORISON are being used in several markets and industries including, health, robotics, safety & security, ADAS and mobile mapping.

TRIMBLE –  very fast development of the HR camera extension.

HORISON enabled us to develop an integrated High-Resolution camera extension kit for the Trimble mobile mapping MX product range in just a couple of weeks. HR imagery becomes more relevant for mobile mapping applications.
Normally it takes a lot of effort to create such an extension. We did it in weeks.

We have reduced the R&D process to a few weeks instead of months.


NVIDIA & NavInfo –
AI integration for automated mapping.

By combining HORISON and Docker we were able to streamline the integration of the NavInfo AI library and NVIDIA Deepstream 6.0 at incredible speed.
But making street level imagery GDPR compliant is just the beginning. Find below the instructions to build a GDPR camera yourself.

Integrated Deepstream 6.0 in hours.

ZandMotor – coastal defense by using video monitoring and AI.

To map the effects of climate change, we used HORISON and the NVIDIA Jetson AI platform to build the adaptive camera monitoring system. This system sends the high -resolution imagery, in real time from the ZandMotor antenna (4g/5G) directly to the servers of the University of Delft for further analysis.

Learn more …

Hemmersbach – mobile video surveillance to counter poaching. 

HORISON is the foundation for this high-end video surveillance solution. The combination of integrated thermal and PTZ cameras makes this an effective solution for counter rhino poaching operations. At the moment Hemmersbach is using the systems in the Kruger-park in South-Africa.

33 poachers have been caught in just the first 3 months.

Speed up your R&D process with HORISON

HORISON is the ultimate toolkit for system integrators. Upgrading your current set-ups with additional functionality has never been easier. Build faster & smarter and shorten your go-to-market.

HORISON enables to grab, transform, store, share visionary insights on any occasion & location. And includes functionality like real time stitching, streaming data, encoding & decoding data, synchronising, encrypting on any OS.

Many well known system integrators and manufacturers like TeledyneFlir, NavInfo, Telerob and Trimble are using HORISON to build IVA solutions.


TeledyneFlir – automated braking available in minutes instead of months of development

Try HORISON yourself and build a GDPR compliant camera system!

We can imagine you can’t wait to try this yourself. To get you started we created a developers blog on how to design a GDPR compliant camera system using the HORISON Framework and NavInfo Europe anonymization model. This developers blog includes a step-by-step manual, a full technical description and finally a real use case.

Interested? Read More


Contact us and learn how to build IVA solutions at lightning speed with the HORISON Framework.