Build visionary imagery solutions at incredible speed

The demand for video systems to create actionable data is changing rapidly. Customers expect more intelligent camera solutions to match their business needs. This is a real challenge for system integrators. Because combining cutting edge technologies, fusing sensors and adding AI will normally result in long and costly R&D cycles. Not with HORISON…

HORISON is a unique low-code sensor fusing framework for system integrators to design and deploy visionary imagery solutions in just a fraction of time. Upgrading your current set-ups with additional functionality was never that easy. Build faster & smarter and shorten your go-to-market.

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Thermal braking system for safer roads built in minutes instead of months

A top-notch automatic braking system based upon thermal imagery data and the HORISON Framework.

Zandmotor, a coastal defense project, monitoring and predicting the effects of the climate change to protect the dutch coast.

Zandmotor is an artificial peninsula and an open-air and offers unique opportunities to increase knowledge about coastal processes, such as sand displacement and dune formation. This is of great importance in view of climate change and sea level rise.

Upgraded the Trimble mobile mapping systems at incredible speed

An integrated High-Resolution camera extension kit for the Trimble mobile mapping MX product range in just a couple of weeks.

Horus is official NVIDIA METROPOLIS PARTNER – the community for intelligent video analytics solution providers.

If you would like to learn more visit the Horison framework website and find many more showcases.