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HORISON overview

Sensor integrating Framework

Combining cutting edge technologies, fusing sensors and adding AI will normally result in long and costly R&D cycles. This is where the disruptive HORISON Framework comes in place.

HORISON is a unique low-code sensor fusing framework to configure visionary imagery solutions and get the actionable data you need in just a fraction of time.

Visionary imagery solutions built with HORISON are being used in the mobile mapping industry and for public safety purposes all over the world. 


Powerful & versatile Framework

HORISON includes functionality like real time stitching, streaming data, encode & decode, synchronization, encryption on any OS.

HORISON is being used in several markets and industries including, health, robotics, safety & security, ADAS and mobile mapping.

We enable to grab, transform, store, share visionary insights on any occasion & location. No matter what type of sensor or platform you are using, Horison will make it work!

Speed up your R&D process

Combining cutting edge technologies, fusing sensors and adding AI will normally result in long and costly R&D cycles. This is where the disruptive HORISON framework comes in place.

Drag & drop, configure and deploy your pipelines, adding sensors on the fly and integrate AI models at incredible speed on any OS.

Preconfigured pipelines, include your own proprietary code blocks, easy integration of AI plugins and a full library of components are the basics to save an incredible amount of time.

HORISON functionality, architecture & benefits

Horison functionality

HORISON includes an end-to-end
eco system including a component library, pipeline graph builder and the functionality to configure your own web interface to manage your solution.

Main features:

  • Standard functionality & applications
  • Build pipelines graphically
  • Full component library 



Horison architecture

HORISON Framework is a modular framework, that primarily consists out of pre-made ’building’ blocks referred to as components. By combining these blocks into a pipeline, they can accomplish complex tasks. 

HORISON applications are designed graphically by dragging components onto a canvas, setting properties of those and connecting them.


Horison benefits

HORISON is the ultimate toolkit for system integrators. Upgrading your current set-ups with additional functionality was never that easy. Build faster & smarter and shorten your go-to-market.

Many well known system integrators like Trimble  are using HORISON already. 

Build simpler, smarter & faster

HORISON showcases, whitepapers & other resources

Horison showcases

HORISON is not a concept but is already being used in many applications and usecases all over the world. Find a selection of the applications in mobile mapping, ADAS and public safety where Horison is the software layer.



Horison resource library

If you would like to have an in-depth technical insight of the Horison framework pls. find our resource library where you can find a full description, manuals ho to use Horison yourself, example pipelines and webinars.


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