Zandmotor, a coastal defense project, monitoring and predicting the effects of the climate change to protect the dutch coast.

Zandmotor is an artificial peninsula and  an open-air and offers unique opportunities to increase knowledge about coastal processes, such as sand displacement and dune formation.  This is of great importance in view of climate change and sea level rise. 

Therefore, they built a watch tower on the Zandmotor equipped with several sensors including high resolution cameras. 

Based upon Horison we built the end-to-end streaming platform. Including the camera hardware and streaming flows (ONVIF) to stream high resolution imagery to the remote server for further research projects. 

With Horison we can add very easily extra new sensors and AI models to make the video platform more versatile and unlock new functionality like blurring of visitors on the beach, trend analysis and predictions based upon wave frequencies and adaptive monitoring based upon weather conditions.

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