Upgraded the Trimble mobile mapping systems at incredible speed

Trimble is a true market leader in  transforming the way the world works by delivering products and services that connect the physical and digital worlds. 


The mobile mapping industry is asking for more intelligent and better ways of capturing in-depth street level imagery for road inspection and asset management applications. Therefore, you need High Resolution [HR] imagery. 

But the high-end Trimble MX mobile mapping systems are equipped with the reliable Teledyne FLIR spherical camera’s. The main issue of this Ladybug 5+ camera is the lack of resolution.

Swapping camera’s is not very easy and requires a lot of research & development time. Besides this most of the R&D departments are overbooked, have to work with tight deadlines and strict roadmaps.  


But the Horison  Framework enabled us to develop a HR camera set up and the hardware connection for the Trimble MX family in just a couple of weeks. Together with the FLIR team we launched this extension in April to all the Trimble dealers worldwide. The first MX extensions are already on their way to Japan and the US. 

This is just the beginning. Now we are able to integrate other types of sensors (for instance Thermal Imagery) making the Trimble MX systems more versatile and fully up to date.

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