The VRGator

Set up your livestream in just ten minutes. Lightning-fast processing, seamless, ultrahigh-quality video and audio, as well as rock solid broadcast streams. Fully immersive 360° view in 8K, live broadcast, live streaming. Omnidirectional audio. Curious? Just let us know and we’ll show you the power of presence!

Experience the Power of Presence


Broadcasting and streaming of immersive imagery has always been a compromise. Communication speeds, data load and image quality haven’t always gone together well. Until now.

VRGator provides never before seen VR image quality, thanks to 8K, 30 fps UHDTV image quality.

Crystal clear audio, provided by omni-directional microphones. The images and audio are processed by the extremely powerful Horus immersive view streaming software on the VR Station. Lightning fast processing, seamless, ultrahigh-quality video and audio, and rock solid broadcast streams. Imagine the experience on COTS VR viewers, like Gear VR or Oculus VR. Visualize the powerful presence of the images and audio.


It is not ‘almost like being there’, it is bringing the real deal to you. Live and uncut.


That is what we call the power of presence.


The VR Station is the centerpiece of VRGator. A portable (hand luggage) and highly powerful computer system with three retractable HD monitors.


The cameras, microphones and peripheral equipment connect directly to the VR Station.

Where other immersive-view camera systems are limited to cable lengths of 10 meters/33 feet, the VR station allows cable lengths of up to 100 meters/330 feet by using a glass fiber cable.


The editor is out of shot, but fully in control, without any loss of signal quality or speed.

Almost invisible, with full situational awareness and lightning-fast response – hence the name VRGator.


Key features

Camera: High-end spherical camera LB5+ or any other SDI camera setup
Framerate:30 FPS 8K Live & recording | 60 FPS 4K Live & recordingSound:Ambient Sound available
Available in 3 versions:VRGator One, VRGator Studio, VRGator Studio Pro
Realtime preview
User-friendly interface, set up your live stream in 10 minutes