The Horus Citymapper

Video-based Mobile Mapping Solution
Based on several years of experience with video-based mobile mapping, we developed a complete solution to support an easy workflow of data capturing. The CityMapper is a roofbox that includes GPS/INS, capturing hardware and camera mounting. This makes for a highly stable system to maximize production time for capturing. Standard configuration of GPS/INS and camera position, which can be mounted on the roof rails of your car, will result in a flexible system for various kinds of projects.

Advanced Recording and measuring on centimeter level?


Use the Horus Citymapper!
Based on several years of experience with video-based mobile mapping, Horus View and Explore developed the Citymapper. A roofbox that includes GPS/INS, capturing hardware and 6 cameras of 5 MP each. Full camera control and the option to record images RAW. Add any extra sensor you like (camera, depth measuring, infrared). See your recorded route while driving and check your recording immediately afterwards while sitting in the car. A highly stable system to increase your capturing capabilities.

The Citymapper can be mounted on standard roof rails and is available with both the Ladybug 3 or the Ladybug 5 camera to fit the needs of your project. Our implementation team helps you with the implementation also possible at your office location. Support can be delivered by remote internet support. Training for technical and commercial staff is included in the CityMapper Solution. A training course of 4 days will help you see the possibilities of this solution. The only thing you need to do is turn the key and start recording your project. That’s the Horus Solution!

Key features

CameraPointgrey Ladybug 3 or Labybug 5HRS D-7201 license Horus Movie Recorder
GPS/INSTrimble AP 15, Applanix IMU-55 Applanix Pospac post-processing softwareHMR1 license Horus Movie Maker
HMPHorus Movie Player (free to distribute)Dimensions124 cm x 25 cm x 36 cm
PCPower PC with Windows 7 and Sync. unit