Creative Platform for 360 video capturing

The Scoop is ideal for the 360 professional who finds themselves in need of a stable, high-quality solution for 360 video and robust streaming. Deliver high-quality images at 30 fps or higher (see specs) using our easily carried, standalone streaming solution.

Technology is our source of inspiration. We created the Scoop, because we know you’ll like the perfect stitching, the high image quality and the 24/7 streaming software it’s got on board. Maintenance of the software during the first year is included.

If you want to make the difference, you’ll have to do more than simply capturing the best picture. Customer loyalty involves more than being attractive at one given moment. We believe that creativity flourishes when it is based on original combinations. Our software has already proven to be robust, flexible and scalable even with the latest hardware possibilities. Instead of a limitation, we view technology as a source of inspiration.


  • Stand-alone
  • No black spot
  • Capture & stream simultaneously
  • Full manual control of exposure and fps
  • Brand it your way! Customize the color of the camera ring



Key features

CMOS Sensor: Sony IMX250 , 2x 2448x2048 sensorsStorage:500 Gb harddisk / 1TB optional
Output:File:.HRS, H.264, AVI. Stream: H.264, MP4Operation:System: Windows 8.1/10 on board
Tripod mount:1/4-20 UNCDimensions:20 cm x 18 cm
Resolution: Equirectangular of 3560 x 1780 pixels.Weight:1800 gram
Framerate: 2Live streaming 30 fps* Record to disk 30, 60 or 90 fps
Dedicated WIFI Connection: remote control by smart device