The camera housing is compact, shockproof, water and dirt-resistant (IP 67) and can be divided into two halves. This means that when a full 360-degree view is not needed, you can use the two halves on two separate vehicles. And our camera offers even more clever features. It can be equipped with an IMU to accurately record speed, orientation and gravitational forces so you can obtain exact measurements from images taken from a moving vehicle.

Horus Turn-key Solution

Keeping an eye on the safety of people and property involves much more than meets the human eye. The Horus Security Suite lets you see what you WANT to see and what you NEED to see. We deliver state-of-the-art camera surveillance technology that watches every direction, sees every little detail and even looks back in time. Our surveillance systems are a powerful and cost-efficient solution for the surveillance of wide areas, complex infrastructures and massive crowds.

Feel responsible? Be responsible!
Our systems are state-of-the-art, custom-built and are quite literally even capable of offering unseen imagery. Use the Enigma to create situational awareness, monitor vehicles (parking scanning), accident investigation systems, quick scanning of surroundings for fast inventory or even use it for Live streaming.

If you would like to learn more about our systems or our company, please contact us. All questions will be dealt with confidentially.

Key features

Camera: 180 degree field of view* (max. L.W.H available to fit camera with lens in housing is around 9x5x5 cm)
Magnetic fixation:3 magnetic feet* with a diameter of 6,5 cm Housing:IP 67 camera enclosure (vandalism proof) aerodynamic design
HSS:Horus Security SuiteDiameter: 33 cm*, Height: 8 cm
Weight:+- 2 kg* Mobile or fixed: flight case available
*information is based on a single (180 degree) enigma housing