Successful global launch of the Horus High Resolution MX extension together with Trimble

The global launch of the Horus MX extension was a great success! Together with the Trimble team we hosted 3 webinars to give resellers, distributors and system integrators a deep insight in the MX extension. The interest was overwhelming and we welcomed hundreds of people at the 3 webinars. Normally it takes ages to upgrade existing solutions. Not for Horus and the Horus Framework. We were able to configure a High Resolution extension kit for the MX product range in weeks.

The MX extension kit includes all the needed hardware, software and the integration into the Trimble platform. Now Trimble end users can capture high resolution street level imagery like never before. We covered topics like 3D mesh creation, the opportunity to use AI in automated feature & POI extraction and of course how to upgrade your current Trimble MX system with the Horus Framework.

We are really privileged Trimble wanted to team up with Horus! But this is just the beginning … The Horus Framework unlocks new possibilities and can upgrade the MX family at lightning speed. Adding Thermal Imagery for tunnel inspections, integration of AI models it all can be done by the Horus Framework!