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Capture, process & transform street-level imagery

into georeferenced actionable data

GeoSuite software powered by Horus

End-to-end software solution
GeoSuite is an end-to-end software suite that supports the whole process from capturing imagery, postprocessing, extracting features, share & publish the georeferenced data.

The main objective was to build a straightforward, reliable software solution to support mapping companies in getting actionable data as fast and cost-effective as possible.

Multi-sensor integration
GeoSuite can use thermal, spherical and high-resolution street-level imagery data as the basic layer. We included intelligent functionalities like a generic data grabber to import other types of sensor data, (automated) feature extraction and the ability to improve your GPS trajectories.

Modular licensing model
GeoSuite is a modular software solution. This means we have the flexibility to support your specific needs. If you already have your own street-level imagery you don’t need the Horus Movie Recorder. You can start directly with the postprocessing bundle. If you have your own Webplayer just leave our unique Webplayer out and use your own software solution.

Mapping companies from all over the world are using the GeoSuite on a daily base since 2011.

“Geosuite is the best software solution for mobile mapping projects. It excels in user-friendliness & reliability!”

Bas Beukers

Marketing Director, Horus View & Explore

Create georeferenced actionable data in just 4 steps

GeoSuite includes all the needed functionality to capture, (post) process and share your georeferenced imagery based actionable data. 

Step 1 – Capture street level imagery

The Movie Recorder is the basic toolset to capture and collect sensor data out of your mobile mapping system. The Recorder captures and synchronises the several camera streams, GNSS data and other input streams simultaneously.

The collecting of the streams is being done by a Recorder pipeline. We have a library of Recorder pipelines included. But if you have your own mobile mapping system a custom Recorder pipeline needs to be designed.

The Recorder Builder is the tool to drag & drop camera grabbers and components on a drawing board. Connect them & configure your settings and you will have your Recorder pipeline in hours instead of months of development!


  1. Movie Recorder             > operating GUI
  2. Data Grabber Module  > uses the recording pipelines to grab data
  3. Recorder Builder           > Builds recording pipelines
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Step 2 – Postprocessing imagery data

Now it is time to postprocess your imagery data!

We included functionality to edit & transform your imagery data into the right format. You can export your recordings to several formats (incl. *.MP4, *.AVI). Or export your video into photos (incl. *.JPEG, *.BMP, *.PNG).  And if you have recorded GPS data, you are able to export the photos for each X linear meter.

After importing and editing your imagery data GeoSuite enables you to correct & (re)position the separate camera data-streams into a flawless scene. The streams can be adjusted, (color) corrected, resized … the possibilities are endless!

After editing GeoSuite helps you to re-attach the post-processed and the improved GPS trajectory to the recorded GPS trajectory.

Step 3 – Feature extraction & annotation

Now you are all set to transform your post-processed and georeferenced imagery data into actionable GIS data. Our main goal was to simplify the extraction & inventory workflow to streamline inspection tasks. So powerful geotagging and supporting industry standards like SPATIALITE, *.dwg and *.shp are supported and part of the GeoSuite proposition.

Starting with  the MoviePlayer* our own playback viewer. This is a desktop player where you can view the post-processed imagery data. You can pan around and navigate through your imagery projected on a map!

You can also project CAD and GIS data in the geo-referenced video directly on the map. Adding or update geometries and attribute data are also part of the deal! You can even create GeoTiff files out of street level imagery. This is the standard approach to extract with AI solutions data from objects on the road.

* The MoviePlayer license can be obtained free of charge.

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Step 4 – Publish & share your GIS data

After you have finished the postprocessing and the extraction process you can share & organize the georeferenced actionable data in a controlled online environment with colleagues or project members outside your organization.

Therefore we built the WebPlayer, our webserver application to publish and share your street level imagery on the internet. The WebPlayer is available as on-premise software or can be installed in your public cloud.

W-GeoSuite licensing

Depending upon your needs we supply you with a tailored GeoSuite license. Needed functionality, the number of licenses (single or even a site license) and the duration of you project (months & years) are the key ingredients to set the license fee.

GeoSuite Starterkit
You already have a spherical action-cam (GoPro Fusion, Insta360, …) and would like to post-process your spherical imagery data (incl. postprocessing & extraction).

Single annual license starts at EUR x.000,-. Get your license here.

GeoSuite Basic
You have your imagery dataset already available and would like to use your own current playback player (incl. postprocessing & extraction).

Single annual license starts at EUR x.000,-. Get your license here.

GeoSuite Advanced
You have your imagery dataset already available and  would like to use also our high-end playback & publishing webplayer (incl. post-processing, extraction & sharing your data).

Single annual license starts at EUR x.000,-. Get your license here.

GeoSuite Professional
You have a CityMapper and needs the full end-to-end software suite. This to get to most out of your mobile mapping system. The professional edition covers the full workflow from capturing imagery to sharing your georeferenced actionable data.

Single annual license starts at EUR x.000,-. Get your license here.

MERCAIDO automates & accelerates the process of getting actionable data out of imagery based geospatial data. And delivers Geo-referecenced actionable data as a solution!

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Thermal software module
With the Horus Thermal Imaging Module you can view and analyze thermal infrared images. Several multi-color filters and a temperature slider will help you to detect differences in a certain temperature range.

Single annual license starts at EUR x.000,-. Get your license here.


Contact us and learn what the Horus GeoSuite can do for you.