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Inspecting 400 of waterfronts in the IJssel delta


Van den Herik has to inspect 400km of waterfronts in the IJssel delta and Twente Canals twice a year.High accuracy has a high price because of the needed expensive high-tech equipment. The inspection is done by just one inspecting officer and this makes it difficult to share his objective thoughts and findings with the rest of the team.

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Van Den Herik is a family business of hydraulic engineers in heart and soul. The passion for working with water originated in 1946.  The company has now grown into a multi-disciplinary enterprise with about 200 employees, that is strong in both hydraulic engineering projects and the detection of conventional ordnance.


Idea & Impact

When high accuracy is not very important. You could consider to us cost effective off-the-shelf hardware. For instance consumer graded spherical camera’s. Van Den Herik choose to work with the GoPro spherical camera’s.

Capturing is the beginning. In this case it was important the captured data could also be shared easily with the rest of the project team. This to get reliable and actual street level imagery.

Therefore we used the Horus Geosuite Starterkit. The Geosuite Starterkit enables you to share the objective thoughts and findings found by the inspecting officer with the rest of the team.

This Horus cost effective mobile mapping solution enabled van den Herik to create actionable data and share this easily with the rest of the project team.


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