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Faster & more reliable calculations with ai driven actionable data


During tender processes BAM needs to have a very clear overview of the situation and the geographical variances on the project location. This has a massive impact on the needed investments and BAM wants minimalize the financial risks.

But very often there is no time during a tender process for a time-consuming field research. So to stay ahead of the competition there is a need for a fast and a reliable intelligent solution.


Project information


A fast and a reliable intelligent solution for their tender processes




Mobile Mapping


BAM Infra Telecom


The Netherlands

About BAM Infra Telecom

BAM Infra Telecom [BAM] belongs to the top of the Dutch market in the construction of telecommunications networks. They offer a complete package of services that covers the entire chain, from design and detailed engineering to work preparation, construction, project management, management and maintenance.


Idea & Impact

BAM needed a proven mobile mapping system. In this case we recommended the Horus Citymapper. The Horus Citymapper is already a very reliable mobile system including the Flir Ladybug 5+ 360 camera and the Applanix GPS.

We added also a Velodyne Lidar and 4 high resolution camera’s to the Citymapper to capture street level imagery at the highest level.  This could be easily done with the help of the Horus Framework. A sensor fusing platform that makes it very easy to combine sensor data.

But capturing and combining sensor data is just the beginning. BAM needed actionable data and therefore you need to put in extra intelligence. In this case we added AI for automated feature extraction and object recognition. Enable BAM to calculate different scenarios based on output (GIS data).


  • Sensor information -> actionable data
  • Clear situational overview no surprises in just 3 days instead of 18 days
  • Smart investment calculator -> faster & more reliable calculations



Faster and more reliable calculations with AI drive actionable data

Our Cases

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Van den Herik

Van den Herik

When high accuracy is not very important. You could consider to us cost effective off-the-shelf hardware. For instance consumer graded spherical camera’s. Van Den Herik choose to work with the GoPro...

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Teledyne FLIR

Teledyne FLIR

The Horus Framework made automatic emergency braking  enabled by thermal cameras, available in 15 minute instead of 3 months of development. To help launch FLIR's next-generation thermal vision...

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