Bolesian and Horus View & Explore are proud to announce their collaboration. Bolesian will be one of the founding suppliers of MERCAIDO, the Horus software to process actionable data out of street level imagery. MERCAIDO is tailored to automate feature extraction processes for the mobile mapping industry. Resulting in cost savings and time reductions up to 65%!

Bolesian are the experts in hybrid AI using a combination of machine learning, computer vision and knowledge technology to get the best feature extraction results out of street level imagery. Combined with MERCAIDO we are now jointly capable of converting large quantities of street level imagery, very efficiently and cost effectively.

For example, MERCAIDO is ideally suited to support communication service providers (CSPs) who are building Fiber to the X networks and want to organize their design and calculation processes more efficiently. Surface segmentation, up-to-date street level imagery of the environment are the key elements and part of MERCAIDO, to get a reliable & fast calculation of the building costs. Resulting in cost savings and time reductions in design & calculation processes up to 65%!

Bolesian was founded in 1985 as the first Artificial Intelligence company in the Netherlands and is recognized worldwide as a pioneer in the field of Hybrid Artificial Intelligence, the next generation in AI.

“From the moment we entered the visual inspection market, we have always had a fantastic partnership with Horus. The innovative character of both our organizations is a perfect match. By becoming part of the MERCAIDO community, we give our collaboration an extra boost and together we will achieve absolutely groundbreaking results.”                                                  

Bas Zuidwijk | Chief Bolesian 

Horus View and Explore founded in 2011, is a Dutch-based independent software development company with a strong background in providing advanced mapping and camera technology solutions.

“ There is no doubt that we would like to intensify our cooperation with Bolesian and make them part of the MERCAIDO community!  Bolesian is in 2020 awarded as the most innovative ICT company of the Netherlands. We won the prestigious Dutch Innovation Challenge award in 2019. And this year we were the runner up in this prestigious competition. The innovative mindset we both have, will result in intelligent mapping solutions that generate impact! ”                                                      

Bas Beukers | marketing director Horus V&E