Webinar 3: Action cam based mobile mapping

Date: November 19. 2020



Presenters: Martin de Gries (Horus) – Dirk Aalbers (Horus)

Webinar 3: Action cam based mobile mappingework!

We would like to bring you up to speed with the latest in the mobile mapping industry so you can be the smartest kid in town regarding to mapping of street level imagery! This is the third webinar in the Horus webinar series. And this time we would like to demonstrate to you how to capture your valuable street level imagery in a very cost effective way!

Where typical MMS are normally classified as survey grade, reaching a positional accuracy of a few centimeters. In many cases that is more than what is needed for GIS databases. This is where action camera’s fill the gap! Combining off-the-shelf low cost action camera technology and the unique Horus Geo suite we offer you a smart but very effective mobile mapping solutions matching your criteria like never seen before.

The proof is in the pudding and therefore we would like to invite you to this webinar and sharing 3 top-notch business cases which will prove the flexibility and power of this solution.

Case 1 – MetroCubico using the Horus solution and captured over 6.000km of street level imagery in Brazil.

Case 2 – Van Den Herik is using our solution on a boat capturing waterfronts and shores.

Case 3 – CV. Mafana captured over 3.000 km in Indonesia with our Starterkit.

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