Visual Road Assessment

On the road. For safety, to safety.

The safety of drivers and their passengers is the main objective of road maintenance. That’s why roads need to be inspected regularly and thoroughly. But how do you determine the state of maintenance of a busy highway without getting in the way of traffic, and without safety risks for the road inspector? The Horus Visual Road Assessment System brings road inspections to the safety of your office and allows you to perform more thorough and more accurate inspections.

The Horus Visual Road Assessment System is based on a vehicle-mounted camera system that uses superior high resolution cameras. These cameras are focused on the road and allow you to record three lanes simultaneously. GPS data of the recording location is directly added to the images. The processing speed of the Horus Movie Recorder is incredible, the inspection vehicle can travel at normal highway speeds (up to 130 kilometers per hour) without losing image quality.

The actual assessment of the images is done with the Horus Movie Player at your office. This powerful software is easy to use and will significantly increase the productivity of roadside inspections. You can look around in any direction and perform measurements, calculate surface areas and make annotations on the road surface. The images can easily be combined with GPS and CAD data, so you get a grip on things. It allows you to combine visual and technical data, to quickly query areas of interest and to get a thorough insight in the state of maintenance.

Our Visual Road Assessment System has proven to be valuable for more purposes than just determining the state of maintenance. Road owners are liable for damages caused by overdue maintenance. The thorough and detailed recordings made by our Visual Road Assessment System provide transparent evidence and can help solve legal disputes. Also, the images can help you to plan the logistics for major maintenance operations.

  • You will need less time and cover larger areas for inspections
  • Recording from a moving vehicle, no obstruction of traffic
  • Capturing information about influencing phenomena, like trees, buildings and bridges
  • Analysis of the images is done at the comfort and safety of your office
  • Powerful software allows you to pinpoint locations and perform accurate measurements
  • Full integration with GPS and CAD
  • Detailed information of damages and locations help to improve the quality and speed of repairs
  • Optional detection of objects (like automatic detection of potholes) possible

More information about a specific application can be found in a Dutch paper.

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